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:: Healthcare Solutions: This area develops implements and supports the Healthcare application software. This enables a healthcare center perform a wide range of interconnected information functions including collecting and transmitting clinical, financial and demographic data from multiple information sources. It enables clinicians and other authorized personnel to easily view, manipulate, and act on information at the point of care. The modular design ensures integrity of all transactions in all environments spanning from large hospitals to small polyclinics and pharmacies.

:: Ketan Software: It is a patient information system which acts like a doctor's assistant and secretary as well. Its unique artificial intellegence, software starts thinking the way doctor diagnosess, prescribes, advices etc. and then acts like a parallel doctor completly trined by a doctor himself.

:: Dispensary Management Systemt: It is a product introduced by Elecon Information Technology to be implemented in dispensaries which are run on a small and medium scale.The system covers all the tasks starting from the new patient registration upto his investigation by the doctor and his billing.Contains facility to store current as well as history records and getting proper reports based on them... More>>

:: ERP solution for SME: This area develops implements and supports the ERP application software. It has full-fledged teams with technologists and concept builders to deliver end-to-end solutions for SME sector. It includes Financials, Distribution with Indian Localizations and Manufacturing modules.

:: Educational Institute Management Solution: This area has applications for complete computerization of educational institutions with modular design catering to the requirements from schools to colleges. It provides many modules to fit all functions.

:: Customize Softwares : We also specilize in useful customize softwares. Our services encompass the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), or any part thereof. Each one of our solutions has a future-proof design. These solutions help to enhance customer retention, increase revenue opportunities and create new competitive advantages. Built on latest technologies, they have been designed with state of art components to enable you to meet the demands of the new millennium.

:: Electronic Parts Book : EPB is designed in such a way that all the parts and components of a product are listed in hierarchical fashion to comprehend the product much faster and better way... More>>

:: Insurance Management System : is a complete solution for organizations, which need to manage insurance for their vehicles, equipment, buildings, and other resources... More>>

:: Personal Information Organizer : A powerful and easy tool to manage your personal information. It has built in integrated facilities like address book, reminder, lots of personal details management like insurance, medical, vehicle etc... More>>

:: Product Catelogue : The main aim of the system is to replace the paper based catalogues and its advantage is to pass the product’s information to more number of people... More>>

:: Visitor Information Management System : Handling incoming visitors and generating GATE PASS for them...More>>

:: Bank Guarantee System : Helps in keeping records of the old Bank Guarantees and generating new Bank Guarantees. Handles two types of bank guarantee : (i) Sales Bank Guarantee and (ii) Purchase Bank Guarantee... More>>